Behold the Giant

Behold the Giant
oil on canvas, 5x5 ft.

Man, in the midst of his increasing carnality and other temporal desires, grows into an unfeeling giant. The behemoth vices he takes slowly poisons him inside while on the superficial, he becomes a monster out of control.

Behold the Giant is a visual feat of vividly colorful yet powerful images that are infused with pop culture as they enmesh themselves with religious icons. It is a flamboyant representation of the interplay between man's subconscious mechanisms at times when his dark side amplifies dangerously.

Since man’s super ego is shaped by the societal mores, and religious beliefs he grew up in, its defenses gets deflated when the id becomes a gigantic creature eating up on its moral decay. Thus, man's ego becomes strangled, suffocated.

Behold the Giant reminds us that when man lets his self-gratification take over, at some point he may feel he has achieved greater heights and colossal fame, but in the end his inner psyche will eventually shrink and die.