Prosisyon installation art

*from the Anathema art exhibit
Prosisyon is an installation art in collaboration with Nonon Yee.

To begin a cycle, an ending must be trailed with a beginning.

Prosisyon follows the alpha and omega of man’s spiritual corruption. Man, the demigod, becomes the spitting image of his deity.

The path to perversion commences inside the toilet bowl where organic wastes, primal instincts, and phallic obsessions are dispelled, divulged. What seemingly is a discreet act transforms into a flamboyant parade of carnalities leading to a deconsecrated altar. A colossal flat iron, the anticlimax of the vile cycle, hangs overhead as a testament of man’s alacrity to end the procession or to perpetuate the obscene.

Parade of sperm to the retablo

And it shall lead us

Performance art by Russ Ligtas

View Mikiboy Pama's Anathema oil paintings here.



A two-man show with Nonon Yee .

December 11, 2009 Handuraw Pizza, Gorordo Ave., Cebu City

When The Good and The Bad becomes a demarcation line between what is morally just or not, there are things that do not fall among the two territories. Many times, we are too timid to venture out among the gray areas. What more to set foot on the dark side. But unless we acknowledge the sordid aspects of our binary human nature, we will never become whole.

oil on canvas 18 x 36 inches

Manunudlo kag Taga-sunod
oil on canvas 12 x 24 inches

oil on canvas 24 x 12 inches

Hampang sa Kalayo
oil on canvas 36 x 18 inches

oil on canvas 12 x 24 inches

oil on canvas 18 x 36 inches

oil on canvas 12 x 24 inches

Luad Tulon
oil on canvas 24 x 12 inches

oil on canvas 12 x 24 inches

More on Anathema art exhibit here or email mikiboypama@gmail.com for the price list.


Flesh eaters

Gallery Orange, Bacolod City
November 5, 2009

oil on canvas

detail of the Flesh eaters

coffee-stained sketches

Pen and ink with coffee stain on paper

Pama's coffee-washed sketches almost resemble sepia prints.Whether incidental or purposeful, coffee has become the precursor of art's happy accidents.

Itchy city

Diin ini padulong
(Where this is heading to)



acrylic on canvas
3 x 2 ft

The modern Babels in the metropolis are the epitome of man's material pleasures. Or could they be the new Frankensteins we have built out of our greed?


Behold the Giant

Behold the Giant
oil on canvas, 5x5 ft.

Man, in the midst of his increasing carnality and other temporal desires, grows into an unfeeling giant. The behemoth vices he takes slowly poisons him inside while on the superficial, he becomes a monster out of control.

Behold the Giant is a visual feat of vividly colorful yet powerful images that are infused with pop culture as they enmesh themselves with religious icons. It is a flamboyant representation of the interplay between man's subconscious mechanisms at times when his dark side amplifies dangerously.

Since man’s super ego is shaped by the societal mores, and religious beliefs he grew up in, its defenses gets deflated when the id becomes a gigantic creature eating up on its moral decay. Thus, man's ego becomes strangled, suffocated.

Behold the Giant reminds us that when man lets his self-gratification take over, at some point he may feel he has achieved greater heights and colossal fame, but in the end his inner psyche will eventually shrink and die.


Negros Contemporary Art Exhibition

Negros Contemporary Art Exhibition
24th Negros Trade Fair
Rockwell Tent
Sept 11, 2006

"Waiting for a chance"
oil on canvas 2x2ft.

oil on canvas 2x2ft.

"Even super heroes got corrupted"
oil on canvas 2x2ft.

"Pantomime lady"
oil on canvas 2x2ft.

Luad-Tulon Puwersa Pintura art exhibit

Puwersa Pintura Art Exhibit
Gallery Orange, Bacolod City
June 5, 2009
Oil on canvas